Carpet Restoration Services in Sydney

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Our carpet repair method in short

Nifty is an experienced company specialising in carpet repairs in Sydney. We have adopted the latest formulas and techniques to deal with any carpet damages, including holes, seams, spots, waves, wrinkles, pet stains, burns from iron, cigarettes, candles, etc. Our gifted carpet restoration specialists apply effective carpet repair formulas to make the floor smooth and looking new and beautiful again. Here’s what we do to achieve the best outcome.

Step 1

We approach every carpet restoration service individually sticking to the customer’s demands and the specific damage. To discover the best solution for your case, we first examine the area precisely. With diligent expertise, our carpet repairer takes in mind sizes, mix match colours, shades and designs for maximum fitting.

Step 2

If needed, we cut out the affected area safely and with no risk for further carpet damages. Then, we install the patch in a way that fits the overall carpet look. Our main goal is to make the fixing job look unnoticeable and the carpet – bright, defect-free, soft and fresh again. If necessary, we put into force innovative tools for the carpet cleaning in Sydney so that the restoration is complete and faultless.

Step 3

Once we make sure, the replacement piece fits the carpet, we trim and smooth the whole area. It is a must for us to perform a final overall check if everything looks and stands stable and of high artistic merit. We measure our success not through profit but by the number of happy faces we see from our customers which results in even more clients for us in the future.

Our carpet restoration in Sydney explained clearly

From our professional viewpoint, carpet repairing is a better solution than to waste money on a new carpet. After all, you don’t want to end with a simple “floor cover” replacing a carpet which used to be a perfect match for your home or office interior.
We know how frustrating it might be to see a hole in your brand new purchase or an annoying wrinkle on your favourite but faded carpet. Luckily, we have developed a whole bunch of revolutionary techniques and tools to make your carpets look fabulous again.
What’s the secret of our carpet restoration success? We are consistent in bettering every service we offer. We follow a simple, but straightforward procedure – examine, take the right size, find the appropriate patch, correctly replace, make it as smooth and seamless as possible. And last but not least, we assure you love the final result!


We have a solution for any type of carpet repair

Your carpets are exposed to different threats. Our carpet repair experts have a solution for any damage.

Carpet Burn Repair

Burns in your carpet can cause permanent damage if left unhandled. Avoid this by calling specialists.

Pet Damage Repair

Your furry friends can leave urine marks and scratches behind, ruining your carpets. We can help!

Fraying Carpet Seam Repairs

Is your carpet suffering from frayed carpet edges? We can solve this for you! Get a free quote.

Hole & Patch Repair

Holes and patches no longer have to mean investing in a new carpet. All you have to do is ask the experts for help.

Carpet Joins & Splits

Seam splitting is a potential danger to all carpets. Eliminate joins and splits by booking a professional carpet repair.

Why choose Nifty?

There are many carpet restoration companies in the region, but you should definitely rely on Nifty! Find out why right away:

  • A wide range of services for perfect carpet restoration, including carpet colour restoration service
  • 24/7 Availability and flexible schedule arrangement – no extra fees even for same-day or weekend services
  • Easy booking process with no advance payments. A possibility for discounts and the most competitive rates on the market
  • Perfect results, safe work, extra tips on further carpet maintenance and unmatched kind attitude from our carpet repairs towards old and new clients.

You don’t have to say farewell to your favourite carpet. We can fix it. We want to make it bright and beautiful again, and we will do it with pleasure. Don’t hesitate and get the benefits of our carpet repair services right away!


How to prepare for the carpet restoration service?

If possible, move away the furniture that is standing on or right next to the carpet. Our talented carpet repair experts will offer you help with this task as well. After enough room is assured all they need is to apply the most effective carpet restoration formula and your trust.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we do. We work 365 days per day, with no exclusions and no extra fees for weekends or bank holidays. We are flexible and understanding. Our repairing carpet team will kindly fit their work into your schedule.

Can you repair a big carpet hole?

Yes, we can. We bravely accept all kinds of carpet damage projects. Count on our expertise in repairing carpets with big, small or any type of hole. To recover the hole we install an extra piece of fabric – according to the carpet material and design.

Can I trust your carpet restoration specialists?

Nifty has hired only educated, well-trained and experienced specialists in the field of water damage carpet restoration, carpet colour restoration service and carpet repairing of holes, burns, stains, wrinkles, etc. We use revolutionary techniques for repairs. You can count on our hard-working employees.



“I had a lovely Persian carpet with a big hole in its centre. I could not give up on it, but I could not stand that defect, either. Nifty team has restored the carpet entirely as it has never had a hole before. And it cost me 10 times less than I could spend if I buy a new one…”

Tyler Gallard

“More than happy with their service. I had an accident with my carpet and was expecting important guests later that day. Long story short, Nifty’s team managed to deal with the problem fast. If we don’t count the pleasant feeling from the end result, by the end of the night I even forgot about the problem I had in the first place. “

Restore your carpets to former glory with our services

Do not get rid of your old one. But rather make your carpet great again. Find out how we can help you with this.

Carpet Re-stretching

Buckles, ripples, wrinkles and bubbles – they will all go away with our brilliant carpet re-stretching service offered in Sydney. We use next-generation tools for fast, risk-free and perfect outcomes. Have your carpet look smooth and stunning on the floor as never before.

Carpet Odour Removal

Cooking accidents, pet stains or kid’s mischiefs – these are a few of the sources for a stinky smell coming straight from the floor. You don’t have to throw the carpet away or to use toxic detergents. We will remove the bad odour effectively and risk-freely.

Book carpet restoration service in Sydney today!