Expert Carpet Odour Removal in Sydney

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Our carpet odour removal method in short

Is there anything worse than sensing a nasty smell inside your own home? Here’s something you might not have known before – in most cases, this stinky stench comes from the carpet. The carpet fibres are very tricky when it comes to absorbing urine stains, poo and other smelly stinks. But we’ve got your noses covered – with our efficient carpet cleaning odour removal, freshness is going to rule in your home again. Here’s how:

Step 1

When you call us with an emergency case for odour removal from carpets, our experts will immediately schedule an appointment in your home or office space. We will thoroughly examine the carpet area seeking for the sources of the smell and considering its origin to form up the best action plan.

Step 2

Whether it’s a necessity for pet urine, odour removal or other nasty stain accompanied with a stinky scent, we always apply 100% risk-free solutions. Our certified and modern detergents are pet- and kid-friendly. We follow the latest trends in the field, keeping in mind the highest cleaning standards in the industry.

Step 3

To get rid of the bad odour on a carpet, we rely on three key points. First we sanitize the area from where the smell is spread. Second, we deodorize and make sure the freshness has returned. And third, we observe your satisfaction from the magic done by the right tools on the first two stages.

Our carpet odour removal in Sydney explained clearly

Bad and repelling odours from the area around the carpet is usually caused by our lovely pets. We do understand how unconditional the love to your dog or cat might be. But let’s face it: for many carpet-lovers, a decision between the pet and the interior is easy and it will not favour our fluffy friends.
But can you have your cake and eat it? Yes! We are ready to quickly and effectively eliminate the stinky smell out of your floor and the entire house as well. Nifty Carpet Repairs has designed a portfolio of carpet odour cleaning services for Sydney. The source of the smell could be anything, but what is always the same is our diligent work to eliminate it. At a competitive price and with guaranteed fresh outcome our tactic for odour removal from carpets includes a detailed inspection, stubborn disinfection procedure, proper neutralization and also steam cleaning if necessary. We also offer deodorizing upon request.
We provide the entire equipment and expect only your trust as a form of preparation for the procedure. Our experienced team can also handle bacteria growth and mould removal. All cleaning tools and products are safe, certified, tested and chemical-free.

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Why choose Nifty?

Looking for a trustworthy company for dog odour removal from carpets? Have no time, nerves and suitable detergents to remove the cat urine odour from the carpet? Nifty is one click or call away to help you and promise you all of these service benefits:

  • Fully trained, insured and talented carpet cleaners with rich
    experience in the field
  • No toxins are involved in wet carpet odour removal, but only certified and safe tools and detergents
  • 100% customer satisfaction + competitive rates = a formula that kicks us straight at the top of the industry
  • Modern hot water extraction method applied to remove both bad odour and germs

With more than a decade on the market, our company has succeeded in building an enormous audience of happy customers that always come back to us or send their friends by recommendations to deal with their carpet issues easily. We are the worst nightmare for bacteria and the biggest enemy for nasty smell in your property. And we are environmentally-friendly too.


Why is a professional carpet odour cleaning company in Sydney a better choice than DIY bad odour removal project?

We can achieve maximum results with zero risks while being eco-friendly to both your property and the environment. We never use hazardous products. And we never miss a spot or a source of the nasty smell. Plus – our service is cheap and fast.

How much does the service for odour removal from carpets cost?

The rate for odour removing is not fixed. We provide you with a final offer depending on the source of the smell, the origin of the dirt, the size of the affected area and the age of the stain. We guarantee you reasonable prices.

Should I do anything to prepare the carpet for the service?

If possible, please, remove the furniture from the carpet. Do not worry if this task proves to be difficult for you. Our kind and helpful technicians will gladly assist.

Can I offer a weekend emergency carpet odour removal service?

Yes, of course! We work 24/7 without any exclusion for weekends or holidays. We also accept same-day orders. We never charge you extra, neither for the weekends and holidays nor for the emergency services.


Laura Backhaus

“I love carpets, but I also love cats. We have three of them at home. It is a total nightmare to take care of the carpets after the mess the oldest cat usually leaves. And my husband hates that smell, feels it everywhere, although it’s only on the carpet. Now, with Nifty everyone is happy. My carpet is looking so bright and fresh now!”


“I loved the way the service works. The guys were on time. They did not ask me to bring them anything or do anything. They were precise, strict and hard-working. I did not even felt their presence at home, but once they left, I knew someone was here because it was the first time such a nice smell was coming from the floor.”

Restore your carpets to former glory with our services

A bad odour isn’t the only problem you can get on the home carpet. You might also need some extra assistance from Nifty. Here are some of the services we offer for your help?

Carpet Re-stretching

You definitely need our first-class and secured re-stretching service if there are wrinkles or damages on your carpet. In this procedure, we approach the job with extreme attention to the details. When your carpet loosens, the Nifty team arrives to straight it up at an affordable price.

Carpet Restoration

We specialize in all the modern and latest techniques for fast and effective carpet patching. We repair carpets seamlessly by extending their life in the best and safest manner. If you need carpet water restoration or the nuances have faded, do not hesitate to count on our team.

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