Professional Carpet Restoration Services by Nifty Carpet Repair

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1. Easy booking

Don’t hesitate to contact us through any of our quick booking forms. You will receive a free consultation and additional information about our premium carpet repair and cleaning services.

2. No carpet stains

Our team is dedicated to eliminating anything smelly, dirty, or dangerous from your carpet.
If you are looking for a great solution to eliminate spots and odour on your carpet, we are here to work our magic on your office or home carpets.


3. Re-stretching your carpet

We can restore loose carpets and ensure that your foot will once again move smoothly across the entire carpeted area. Our tightening tools and techniques are certified, effective, tested, and proven over the years.

4. Full carpet restoration

Tell us what’s wrong with your carpet and we will offer you the most suitable solution. Is it a hole? Or some creases in the fabric? Is it installed improperly? Call our carpet restoration specialists to help you out.

restored carpet in sydney before and after

We restore your carpets to their former glory!

Meet Nifty Carpet Repair – the experienced carpet repair company that makes no excuses when it comes to smooth and effective results. Our specialisation in the field of carpet restoration has developed through rich experience, research in the area, numerous and various tests to discover what works against marks, stains, bad odour, wrinkles, holes, burn spots, and more. In our team, you will meet ambitious and well-trained carpet technicians with incredible devotion to bettering their craft. And in our business model, we strive to focus on full customer satisfaction and perfection towards each individual service order. We value our success, but what we value even more is our long-lasting relationships with clients and their feedback. Without it, our journey to becoming a leading carpet repairing company would be impossible. But that’s not all, we have many aces up our sleeves all devoted to making your beloved carpet look like new.

Trusted & Experienced

No company is bigger than its individual team members. That’s why we care for our employees.
We always hire ambitious and motivated technicians. We invest in their progress, encouraging them to perfect their skills and be diligent towards your favourite carpets.

Accessibility and availability

In order to satisfy the high demand for good carpet repair services, Nifty Carpet Repair has local teams to avoid delays in our services.
Apart from Sydney and its many districts, we cover other areas as well. You can book carpet repair restoration in Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, Canberra and many other regions.

Proven Methodology

When you have a damaged carpet, we strive not to cause more defects but instead, restore its proper condition. To achieve these fundamental goals, we stick to
the most trustworthy standards in the industry, our personal experience on what works and works not, and we use only certified tools and detergents.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our skilled technicians will not leave until they satisfy each cutomer’s individual demands.
Nifty Carpet Repair also offers full support for all related procedures, such as furniture moving and cleaning of the mended area after the repairs are done.

Other Areas We Cover

We have expertise in:

Carpet Restoration

We specialise in all contemporary and effective techniques for quick and quality carpet repair and patching.
We seamlessly restore carpets and prolong their life.

Carpet Re-stretching

We can successfully deal with poor carpet installation and carpet stretching. Problems such as buckling, ripples, wrinkles and bubbles will become a distant memory.

Carpet Odour Removal

Pet or carpet, carpet or pet? With Nifty Carpet Repair you can have your cake and eat it.
Or to be more precise: you can have your carpets without all the unwanted pet-related odours.


Our Happy Customers

“I love the way Nifty Carpet Repair has changed our carpets at home. They are now well secured for our little children’s play. This company is reliable, and the prices are reasonable, as far as our experience goes.”

Finn Pierce

“Real experts! They really know what to do in any situation. My home carpets needed thorough cleaning and urine stain removal as I have two dogs. Nifty’s team managed to deal with all the tasks fast. And the technicians even gave me some tips to maintain the carpets.
I recommend them to all my friends.”

Chelsea McDowall


How to repair very damaged carpets?

The best thing you can do is to rely on professionals. Our company will be happy to assist you in this situation and help you keep your carpet rather than buying a new one. We will determine the damage and make you an offer for the most reasonable solution. We cover holes, remove spots, tighten the carpets and even recover their bright nuances.

Should I move the furniture outside of the house for the service?

Since your carpet is our workplace, some of the procedures may require you to free the entire carpet surface. In case you have to move furniture, we will be more than happy to help you.

Can I call you on Saturday for carpet restoration service?

You can book any of our services 7 days a week, including on bank holidays. There are no extra charges for these days. We are flexible and happy to fit your busy life and dynamic schedule.

How much does it cost to get my carpet repaired?

Every case is individual. That is why we take a different approach to each customer in order to deliver the same flawless result. Depending on the damage on your carpet, we will provide you with a free quote and a competitive offer. Most of our prices are not fixed but all of them are affordable for every household.

Book a carpet repair service or contact us today!